This week has been a big refactoring work on fise.client, fise.plone and fise-buildout, to match the stanbol renaming. The mother class is now StanbolCommunicator. Anyway the API used to access Engine and Store class has not changed much :


>>> from stanbol.client import Stanbol
>>> stanbol = Stanbol('http://localhost:8080/')

Use the engines::

>>> somedoc = u"This is an example text."
>>> stanbol.engines(somedoc)

>>> stanbol.engines(somedoc,
>>> format='rdfjson')

Use the store, first store content (only plain text is accepted for now)::

>>> id = 'test123'
>>> = payload

Next get the text back::

u"This is an example text."

Then get the metadata::


And Stanbol special feature: Get an HTML page about the content::